Take it up a notch by getting a mentor.
Give back by
becoming a mentor.

Are you an entrepreneur or looking for career advancement? Mentors can fine-tune your vision and help you reach your full potential.

Mentoring is a gratifying way to pass on the priceless lessons you've learned to the next generation of entrepreneurs.


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What Does it Mean to Have a Mentor?

Co-founder of IntellectSpace shares his thoughts on entrepreneurship.

This is my story

I founded IntellectSpace 2004 as a Sophomore in University of Washington. As a technologist building a startup was a daunting challenge, and I relied on mentors and advisors every step of the way.  When starting something from nothing, especially a technology company, every milestone matters. These milestones included developing a business idea, building a prototype, engaging early adopters, incorporating, writing a business plan, fundraising, recruiting and many others. Having mentors and advisors who could provide strategic guidance and tactical assistance at these junctions was invaluable.

How did having a mentor impact you?

Having been a recipient of great mentors in my entrepreneurial journey, I have been looking for ways to mentor the next generation innovators and creators.  Entrepreneurship only works when those who achieve a degree of success give back to the next generation to keep the cycle of innovation going.

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