Take it up a notch by getting a mentor.
Give back by
becoming a mentor.

Are you an entrepreneur or looking for career advancement? Mentors can fine-tune your vision and help you reach your full potential.

Mentoring is a gratifying way to pass on the priceless lessons you've learned to the next generation of entrepreneurs.


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How Tatia Took it Up a Notch

This is my story

I've been working at IntellectSpace for 9 years, as the VP of Business Development, Sales, Marketing and Product Development. Although I wear many different hats, my ultimate goal is simple but challenging. I want to build a scalable product with a successful business model. As a company, our approach has always been organic growth and we only spend what we make.

The most difficult piece of the puzzle is striking a balance between scaling the business and staying cash flow positive. Since I'm not a CEO, it was tricky to find the right mentor but in 2018 after 8 years, I finally found a mentor to help me grow and advise me on how to scale the business organically.

Since then, we have achieved several major milestones, exceeded our growth goals and released a brand new product - Upnotch!

Do you believe having a mentor can boost your success?

Yes, absolutely! Having a mentor means you have access to an extra layer of knowledge and experience - they're a sounding board, they have your back and they drastically decrease your learning curve.

What has your mentor taught you?

As we scale and I pass on responsibilities to a growing team, my mentor encouraged me to actively stay involved and only step away from my role gradually. This helped us to continue meeting and exceeding our revenue goals.

He taught me to look at new ideas from every angle, identify potential weaknesses and plan ahead. To really think about market gaps and how we can be different from existing players.

And in a competitive situation, it's easy to get into a price war. His advised me to focus on what we do really well and make sure we still do that 3x better than anybody else.

Who would you want to mentor?

I want to mentor someone who's hungry, ambitious and on a mission to solve a problem. I want to pay it forward and contribute to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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